Project at a Glance
Key issues addressed:
  • Construction along arterial roadways, including across a four-lane parkway and major intersections with crucial time restrictions
  • Construction beneath existing operational railway tracks • Road reconstruction including traffic calming features, streetscaping, landscaping and the design and construction of a roundabout
  • Impact on water quality associated with construction through a former municipal landfill and adjacent to an existing municipal snow disposal facility (contaminated soils and groundwater)
  • Construction within an aqueduct without compromising water quality and the structural integrity of the watermain (expansion and contraction of watermain due to temperature changes)
  • Construction through an existing uncompacted fill zone across a former bay of the Ottawa River considering the long term integrity of the watermain (settlement and movement issues)
  • Coordinated the relocation of multiple utilities along the watermain alignment, including traffic signals and streetlighting
  • Coordination and consultation with multiple stakeholders during design and construction
Construction value: $56,700,000.00
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Lemieux Island Water Transmission Main Replacement

Robinson Consultants served as the Prime Consultant, Project Manager and Contract Administrator for the functional design and construction of the Lemieux Island Water Transmission Main Replacement Project.  The project consisted of replacing three existing feedermains, which conveyed potable water from the Lemieux Island Water Purification Plant to the water distribution system, with two new transmission mains:  the Low Pressure Transmission Main (LPTM) and High Pressure Transmission Main (HPTM).  The LPTM and the HPTM supply water to over 400,000 residents within the City of Ottawa, including businesses and government offices.

Our role on the project included the functional design, provincial and federal environmental assessment, preliminary design, Value Engineering, detail design, approvals and contract administration for the replacement of approximately 6 km’s of transmission main ranging in size from 750 mm to 1980 mm dia.   Subsurface investigations confirmed that the transmission mains would be located in contaminated soils, in fill zones that were former bays of the Ottawa River, former municipal dumps, snow dumps, former development ruins and in an aqueduct.  To address these unique conditions a detailed pipe selection process was completed to ensure that the selected pipe material would meet the long service life standard of 100 years.  A contaminant management plan was prepared that identified potential health risks during and after construction; and soil and groundwater management plan was developed and included in the specifications.   Detailed traffic management plans were developed and included in the specifications and drawings to maintain traffic movement on the Ottawa River Parkway and other arterial roadways.  Other features of this project included: utility relocations, corrosion control study and design, transient analysis, rail crossing designs, tunnels, detour plans, cast-in-place chamber designs and thrust restraint systems, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, local watermains, Bayview Road reconstruction, subaqueous pipe design, public consultation and approvals. 

Installation of polyurethane coated steel pipe, including concrete encasement within trench and enclosures for joint welding Installation of coated concrete pressure pipe in existing aqueduct Installation of Valve Chamber at Lemieux Island Water Purification Plant (10.4m x 5.5m).
Construction of a roundabout at an existing three way intersection