Project at a Glance
Robinson Consultants completed a structure renewal options analysis and provided the detail design for the concrete box culvert located on the Kizell Municipal Drain at Carling Avenue

Key features:

  • Complex traffic staging and dewatering
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling
  • Environmental approvals

Key deliverables:

  • Structure renewal recommendation
  • Preliminary and detail design drawings
  • Tender documents
Construction value:
$ 700,000.00
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Carling Avenue Culvert

The City of Ottawa retained Robinson Consultants to complete a structure renewal options analysis and provide the detail design for the concrete box culvert located on the Kizell Municipal Drain at Carling Avenue. At the culvert location, Carling Avenue is an arterial roadway with high traffic volumes and no practical traffic detour. The maintenance of traffic and construction staging was a critical issue that was investigated during the screening of renewal options.  Additional criteria that were considered for each renewal option included: life expectancy, hydraulic performance, foundations and geotechnical issues, and environmental concerns and approvals. 

As part of the analysis, several activities were completed including: hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, topographic field survey, detailed visual inspection of the existing structure, geotechnical investigations, fluvial geomorphological assessment, and consultation with environmental regulatory agencies.  Based on this detailed investigation, Robinson Consultants provided the City of Ottawa with a recommendation for a cost effective renewal option that met all of the design criteria.  The detail design was completed for the recommended renewal option and included additional design for a traffic detour, surface water flow diversion channel, and guiderails.  Robinson Consultants prepared tender documents in accordance with the City of Ottawa standards, and obtained the necessary environmental approvals.