Municipal Infrastructure Solutions

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Robinson Consultants develops innovative and critical engineering solutions that address a broad spectrum of municipal infrastructure needs to meet environmental standards. A team-based approach using engineering and ecological expertise is employed to fully evaluate the available options for integrated environmentally responsible solutions. Robinson Consultants is fully involved in the public consultation process to ensure that the environmental concerns of all involved parties, be they individuals or agencies, are considered in an inclusive process.

Municipal Infrastructure Services

Robinson Consultants offers a full range of engineering services to satisfy the needs of large and small projects including:

  • Project management (from feasibility studies to commissioning)
  • Condition assessment/network analysis
  • Preliminary and detail design
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Asset management and cost/benefit analysis
  • Rehabilitation of existing infrastructure
  • Advisory services

Proven Multi Disciplinary Expertise

Robinson Consultants has demonstrated expertise in a wide variety of municipal infrastructure and related disciplines including:

  • Water Supply Systems
    • Trenchless rehabilitation
    • Network analysis and modeling
    • Distribution system design
    • Condition assessment
    • Transmission main and feedermain design
  • Snow Disposal Facilities
    • Meltwater treatment
    • Facility design
    • Operational studies
    • Site selection
  • Waste Water Systems
    • Sanitary sewers
    • Corrosion control
    • Trenchless rehabilitation
    • Odor control facilities
    • On-site sewage systems
    • Network analysis and modeling
    • Pumping stations
    • Condition assessment
  • Stormwater Systems
    • Storm sewers
    • Retention facilities
    • Water quality treatment
    • Agricultural drainage
    • Water control structures
    • Condition assessment
  • Infrastructure studies
    • Urban and rural roads
    • Sanitary and storm sewers
    • Structures
    • Demand forecasts
    • Capacity and condition assessments
  • Transportation Engineering
    • Roadway design
    • System analysis
    • Needs studies
    • Road rehabilitation
    • Bridges and culverts