Robinson Consultants

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Responsible management of water resources is essential in maintaining a balanced environment. To meet rigorous environmental standards, Robinson Consultants... Using an interdisciplinary approach, Robinson Consultants complements its team of transportation engineers and technicians with in-house expertise... Robinson Consultants develops innovative and critical engineering solutions that address a broad spectrum of municipal infrastructure needs to meet environmental standards... Robinson Consultants is uniquely positioned with extensive experience and knowledge base in trenchless technology. Trenchless solutions are important infrastructure... Land development is often a complex process that requires understanding and coordination of all disciplines (lawyers, land surveyors, landscape architects, land...

Robinson Consultants Inc. offers engineering expertise in a variety of disciplines to both public and private sector clients.  With two offices located in Ottawa, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario, Robinson Consultants, a Canadian owned company established in 1977, offers services in a number of areas, including:

Robinson Consultants’ professionals offer quality service. Our focus is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions, on time, and within budget. This philosophy has helped us develop a very effective partnership with our clients.