Project at a Glance
Robinson Consultants provided design, contract administration and inspection for the reconstruction of 1.5km of 6 lane arterial roadway including large diameter water transmission main, local watermains and sewers.

Key features:

  • Fast tracked design
  • Critical transmission main
  • Live valve installation
  • Sewers and local watermains
  • 6 lane arterial reconstruction
  • Traffic staging plans
  • Streetscaping
Construction value:
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Carling Avenue and Merivale Road Reconstruction and Queensway Feedermain Relocation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has proposed plans for the expansion of Highway 417 within the City of Ottawa. As the proposed works would impact the existing 1220 mm water transmission main which is immediately adjacent to the Highway in the Carling Avenue / Merivale Road area, the City identified the need to realign the watermain in this area to accommodate the proposed work on Highway 417.

Carling Avenue and Merivale Road are located south of Highway 417, west of the Central Experimental Farm, in Ottawa. They provide access to Highway 417 and Island Park Drive, which continues to Gatineau. They also provide service to the Westgate Mall, the Royal Ottawa Hospital, and the nearby Ottawa Hospital (Civic Campus).

The Carling Avenue / Merivale Road project included relocating a section of the 1220 mm watermain outside of the MTO right-of-way; installing new 1220 mm watermain in the Carling Avenue and Merivale Road corridors; replacing existing local watermains, storm and sanitary sewers; and providing full road reconstruction, including curbs and sidewalks. Detailed traffic and construction staging plans were prepared to assist the contractor in planning the work according to the aggressive schedule and to ensure the effective movement of traffic during construction.

After completing the hydraulic modeling it was determined that mitigating the impacts of shutting down the existing 1200 mm diameter watermain to complete a typical connection to the proposed watermain would not be feasible. The connection of the new watermain had to be completed while under pressure and without impacting flow. RCI carried out a review of live tapping methods and provided recommendations for stopple techniques and locations and prepared detailed contract specifications for the live taps, stopple and bypass arrangements.

The project was carried out in coordination with the Highway 417 expansion project and the Cave Creek Collector renewal project, in the immediate vicinity of Carling Avenue and Merivale Road. This large multi disciplinary project was fast tracked in order to accommodate the proposed construction schedule for the 417 bridge work and was completed in 10 months with an estimated construction cost of $22,000,000.00.