Project at a Glance
Robinson Consultants provided engineering services for a new collector sanitary sewer which included two river crossings.

Key features:

  • 1,600 m of 1050mm to 1350mm diameter pipe
  • Two crossings at the Jock River
  • Hydraulic analysis for cofferdam design
  • Groundwater characterization study located in a golf course
Construction value:
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South Nepean Collector Sewer

In conjunction with the prime consultant, Robinson Consultants provided engineering service for design and contract administration of the South Nepean Collector Sewer. The project included 1,600 m of 1050 to 1350 mm diameter concrete collector sewer servicing existing and future development in the South Nepean area of Ottawa. The sewer includes two crossings of the Jock River and is routed through an existing golf course.

Robinson Consultants completed a Jock River hydraulic analysis to provide input for the design of cofferdams at the two river crossings, as well as input for the required permitting by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  A groundwater use characterization study including open houses was completed on residential properties in the vicinity of the project.  The purpose of the study was to document existing conditions and to provide a base for future reference.  Other special features included assessment of odour and corrosion issues and incorporating required measures in the detail of the sewer systems.