Project at a Glance
Robinson Consultants provided the City of Ottawa with a Serviceability Study to provide water and wastewater servicing to Merivale Gardens and the Glens Community Area.

Key features:

  • Alternative servicing analysis
  • Water distribution modeling
  • Sanitary sewer design
  • Alternative design costing
Construction value:
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Merivale Gardens and the Glens Community Area

Merivale Gardens and the Glens Community Area is a well established residential community with limited to no potential for further expansion outside of the study area due to development restrictions within the Greenbelt area.  The area is characterised primarily by large lots which rely on open ditches and ditch piping systems for surface water drainage.  While some residents have access to City water and wastewater services, the majority of residents rely on well and septic systems.

In recent years, several residents have enquired about the possibility of having full water and wastewater servicing.  In order to respond appropriately to these enquiries, and to determine if full or partial servicing is feasible in the area, the City of Ottawa retained the services of Robinson Consultants to prepare a serviceability study which outlined the feasibility of providing City services as well as preliminary costs for these services.

Water distribution modeling, using H2OMap Water, and extensive feasible sanitary sewer design was undertaken as part of the study.  Robinson Consultants also provided the City with surveyed stormwater infrastructure data within Merivale Gardens and Grenfell Glen as existing data was incomplete and unreliable.

In addition to providing a preferred servicing strategy, the serviceability study provided a full functional design of each of the water and wastewater preferred alternatives in order to arrive at a more accurate cost estimate and a more detailed framework for moving forward with a realistic servicing solution.  Alternative analysis utilized the many benefits of GIS technology with City GIS data, and Robinson Consultants survey and field investigation information.