Project at a Glance

Location: Bayview Road, from Burnside Avenue to Wellington Street, Ottawa ON

Key features:

  • Federal and Provincial Environmental Assessment
  • Traffic analysis including traffic calming measures design and roundabout design
  • Traffic management plans
  • Traffic signal and street lighting replacement
  • Water distribution, sanitary and storm sewer design. Trunk sewer connections and bypassing
  • Combined sewer separation
  • Stormwater management
  • Hydraulic grade line analysis
  • Contaminated soil and groundwater management
  • Large diameter water transmission main design including seismic measures
  • Utility relocations
  • Structural rehabilitation of large maintenance holes
Construction value:
$ 25,000,000.00
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Bayview Road Reconstruction

Robinson Consultants Inc. was responsible for the integrated road reconstruction of Bayview Road involving full depth reconstruction of a 2-lane urban roadway section and a single lane roundabout designed to accommodate heavy vehicles as Bayview Road is a designated truck route with mixed land use consisting of residential/commercial/industrial and institutional properties and access to the Lemieux Island Water Treatment Plant.  Traffic calming measures were introduced at the side streets without interrupting the truck route functionality. Robinson Consultants identified deficiencies in horizontal alignment, sightlines and unconventional traffic movements at intersections, illegal entrances and made recommendations for closing/relocating entrances and property acquisition.

The project also included combined sewer separation, local watermain, sanitary and storm sewers, stormwater management, rock excavation, connection to a brick sewer, live trunk sanitary sewer bypass and the structural rehabilitation of existing manholes from the inside. Several utilities were relocated to accommodate the installation of a 2000 mm diameter concrete encased transmission main. Hydraulic grade line calculations were undertaken for the storm sewer designed to accommodate future drainage areas and outletting to a fully submerged storm sewer. Federal Land Use Approval was obtained and a Harmonized Federal/Provincial Environment Assessment was also carried out.

Traffic management designs for various construction stages at signalized intersections, temporary street lighting located within the temporary concrete barrier/energy attenuators, transfer lanes on to the Ottawa River Parkway and temporary signals on River Street.

Public consultation involved open houses and meetings with several commercial businesses and stakeholders including the Light Rail Transit Commission, Nation Capital Commission, community associations, Tom Brown Arena, residential property owners, commercial businesses, two City parks and various City departments.