Project at a Glance

Location: Bronson Avenue, from Laurier Avenue to Arlington Avenue, Ottawa ON

Key features:

  • 4-lane urban arterial road integrated reconstruction
  • 3 dimensional corridor analysis
  • Hydraulic modelling and combined sewer design
  • Large diameter watermain design
  • Public consultation
  • Extensive streetscaping design
Construction value:
$ 24,000,000.00
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Bronson Avenue Reconstruction

Robinson Consultants was responsible for the Preliminary Design and Detail Design for the integrated reconstruction of Bronson Avenue, from Laurier Avenue to Arlington Avenue. The project included full reconstruction of the major 4-lane urban arterial facility and upgraded pedestrian facilities.

Given the historic nature of the corridor, aging and inadequate underground services including large diameter transmission main, local watermains and combined sewers, required replacement.  Hydraulic modeling was carried out for portions of the combined sewer upgrades identified in the City’s O’Connor Flood Control Implementation Study to be constructed within the Bronson avenue Corridor to mitigate historic flooding issues in the area. 

The project also included the design of a 900mm transmission main and 400mm local watermain.  Given the size of the proposed infrastructure, as well as the presence of significant underground utilities (Bell and Hydro),  Robinson Consultants carried out a complete 3 dimensional analysis of the narrow Right-of-Way to establish sewer and watermain corridors. This limited the conflicts that may have required utility relocations (at substantial cost), while maintaining required separations. 

As Bronson Avenue is a designated scenic entry route to the City and Traditional Mainstreet, significant public consultation efforts were undertaken through the development of the preliminary and detail design, with a focus on improved liveability of the highly constrained Bronson Avenue corridor.