Project at a Glance

Location: Trim Road, from Innes Road to Brian Coburn Boulevard, Brian Coburn Boulevard from Montmere Avenue to Trim Road. Orleans ON

Key features:

  • Urbanization of roadway including curbs, sidewalks, bicycle lanes and storm sewer system
  • Watermain construction
  • Arterial road widening
  • Two multi-lane arterial road roundabouts
  • Significant rock removal
Key deliverables:
  • Schedule 'C' municipal class environmental assesment
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail design
  • Two tender packages
Construction value: 
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Trim Road Widening and Brian Coburn Boulevard Construction

Robinson Consultants was responsible for the Environmental Assessment, Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for the widening of Trim Road, from Innes Road to Brian Coburn Boulevard from a 2-lane rural cross-section to a 4-lane urban arterial cross-section complete with dedicated bicycle lanes, multi-use pathways and upgraded pedestrian facilities and the Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for the construction of Brian Coburn Boulevard, from Trim Road to Montmere Avenue.

Robinson Consultants completed a Schedule ‘C’ Municipal Class EA, including production of an Environmental Study Report, and hosted public consultation sessions throughout the design process. In response to significant concerns regarding access restrictions raised by the adjacent homeowners, Robinson Consultants initiated a Roadway Safety Audit (RSA) which confirmed that the proposed cross-section alternative was the preferred configuration, with respect to the safety of the fronting residences and roadway users, as compared to the existing roadway configuration and other feasible design alternatives.   Additionally, as several residents cited concerns with accessing their properties via a displaced left turn, given the typical traffic speeds experienced, Robinson Consultants carried out the review and design of two (2) roundabouts for the corridor, at the Trim Road and Millennium Drive and the Trim Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard intersections to facilitate safer U-Turn movements.   As roundabouts have typically been found to enhance the roadway safety by significantly reducing the instances and severity of intersection collisions as well as demonstrating traffic calming characteristics, and given roundabouts have typically demonstrated a significant improvement to pedestrian safety and given the proximity of Millennium Park and Gisele Lalonde Secondary School to Trim Road, the proposed roundabouts were supported by the RSA. We note that the proposed Trim Road roundabouts will be among the first multi-lane roundabouts constructed in the City of Ottawa.

Inconsistencies in previous construction activities in the immediate vicinity of the project resulted in a gap in the local drainage network, requiring the design and construction of a segment of 1350mm storm sewer and extension of existing storm sewers (up to 1200mm diameter) to provide outlet for a recently constructed storm water management pond and drainage for an adjacent Park and Ride facility.

Given the anticipated impact of the widened Trim Road platform on the private well and septic systems located immediately adjacent to the roadway corridor, Robinson Consultants initiated a review of the private systems which confirmed the potential for impacts, both direct and indirect, to the private systems and subsequently designed an extension to the existing watermain and sanitary sewer to facilitate municipal service connections to the residences fronting Trim Road.