Project at a Glance
Robinson Consultants undertook the preliminary and detail design, tender package and contract administration for the reconstruction of Tweedsmuir Avenue and Currell Avenue

Key features:

  • Urbanization of roadway including curbs and storm sewer system
  • Watermain reconstruction
  • Sanitary sewer reconstruction
  • Private property reinstatements
Key deliverables:
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail design
  • Tender Package
Construction value: 
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Tweedsmuir Avenue and Currell Avenue Reconstruction

Robinson Consultants was responsible for carrying out the preliminary and detail design, tender package and contract administration for the reconstruction of Tweedsmuir Avenue from Carling Avenue to Richmond Road, including Saigon Court and Currell Avenue from Churchill Avenue to Molenaar Private. Tweedsmuir Avenue and Currell Avenue were comprised of aging and deficient underground, lined with old-growth trees and with portions lacking urban features.

The project included reconstruction of portions of the existing sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and watermain network, extraneous flow separation, and roadway reconstruction to an urban standard. Given the local neighbourhood characteristics of the roadway, considerable effort was taken in balancing the public’s concerns regarding any improvements to the roadway corridor with the needs of roadway users. Careful consideration of existing landscaping features and potential impacts on old-growth trees was considered in establishing the recommended cross-section consistent with the City of Ottawa’s standards. A comprehensive public consultation program was part of this assignment including Public Open Houses and Information Sessions.

Detailed review and hydraulic modeling of the local sewer networks was also carried out to ensure the capacity of the reconstructed Tweedsmuir Avenue and Currell Avenue sewers, as well as the downstream receiving sewers, was adequate to accommodate further local rehabilitation efforts to be taken in the future.

The reconstruction of Tweedsmuir Avenue, from Carling Avenue to Clare Street, was included in the 2009 Federal Stimulus Funding Program, as such, strict completion timelines were critical to ensuring construction completion by March 2011 in order for the City to qualify for the Federal Stimulus funding. Robinson Consultants completed the initial tender package in February 2010.  In June 2009, Robinson Consultants completed a second tender package (issued as a contract change order) for an extension of the original construction limits to include the section of roadway from Clare Street to Richmond Road in order to take advantage of additional stimulus funding. A third tender package (also issued as a contract change order) was completed in April 2011 for work on Currell Avenue between Churchill Avenue and Molenaar Private that took advantage of the federal stimulus deadline extension until October 2011 and additional stimulus funds that were available.