Project at a Glance
Robinson Consultants competed a water transmission main rehabilitation assessment  and prepared the design for the innovative sliplining approach to accommodate the high operating pressures.

Key features:

  • 1220 mm diameter transmission main rehabilitation
  • Trenchless option analysis
  • Constructability review
  • Sliplining with steel piping
  • 100 year design life
  • Multiple corrosion control measures
  • Located in an arterial roadway
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Kearney Lake Road and Dunbrack Street Watermain Sliplining

Robinson Consultants was retained to investigate potential rehabilitation techniques for an existing 1975 vintage, 2.5 km long, 1220mm diameter C-301 prestressed concrete cylinder pipe watermain, operating at pressures exceeding 200 psi.  The watermain, which was installed within the right-of-way of two busy arterial roads within the City of Halifax, had experienced recent failures which were costly and disruptive since the transmission main was the only main from the water purification plant. Due to the critical nature of the watermain with regards to water distribution within the City of Halifax, Halifax Water requested that Robinson Consultants implement a rehabilitation solution which would meet a 100-year design life.

Robinson Consultants completed a rehabilitation options comparison, including project-specific problem identification, a life-cycle costing analysis and cost estimate for the rehabilitation solutions, and it was determined that the preferred solution was to slipline a 1067mm diameter steel watermain into the existing 1220mm diameter C-301 concrete watermain. This innovative use of steel watermain as the slipline material was required due to the high operating pressures. Robinson Consultants prepared the steel watermain sliplining design and specifications which encompassed the slipline pipe material standards, installation procedures, proposed sliplined pipe joint configurations, the specification for the grouting of the annular space, cathodic protection design and specifications, the selection of lining access pit locations, design of transition details between existing open-cut watermain sections to the sliplined pipe, as well as testing procedures of the installed sliplined pipe.

The sliplined watermain was designed by Robinson Consultants to exceed the current standard for sliplined watermains. In addition, Robinson Consultants provided technical assistance and answered sliplining and watermain-related contractor queries throughout the Contract Tender period, reviewed shop drawings, submittals and contractor’s proposed methodologies, as well as provided field inspection during construction and training to the client inspection staff.