Project at a Glance
Robinson Consultants provided the City of Ottawa with design and construction administration services for the structural lining of 3.7 km of cast iron watermains in the Lakeview Park area.

Key features:

  • Structural lining evaluation and selection
  • Contract Documents
  • Construction Administration Services
  • Specialized inspection services
Construction value:
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Lakeview Park Watermain Lining

Robinson Consultants has been involved with the City of Ottawa’s watermain lining program for over 10 years. In November of 2008, the City of Ottawa retained Robinson Consultants to evaluate the suitability of a trenchless solution and to provide design services for the rehabilitation of 3.7km of 40-year-old cast iron watermains in the Lakeview Park area. Older, unlined cast iron watermains can develop internal buildup or tuberculation caused by internal corrosion that can lead to reduced hydraulic capacity and “red” water problems. As a result of this tuberculation, the Lakeview area had been the source of numerous watermain leaks and ``red`` water complaints. Regular flushing of the watermain was required in response to the frequent complaints from residents. The existing roads and sewers were all in good condition with an estimated remaining life of over 20 years. These factors in combination with the greatly reduced impact of trenchless construction on the daily lives of local residents made this area an ideal candidate for trenchless rehabilitation.

A fully structural cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solution was selected for this project in order to prolong the life of the partially deteriorated host pipe. The requirements of the structural lining system included a design to meet the ASTM F1216 standard and an epoxy resin with a NSF Standard 61 approval.

During the design phase of the project, an open house was held at a local community center and was very well attended by local residents. Once the lining process had been explained to all in attendance there was overwhelming support among the local community for the project. This support continued throughout construction and positive feedback from local residents was provided on a regular basis because of the very limited disruption caused by excavation, dust and noise.

In addition to the lining portion of work, all existing valves and hydrants were replaced. The project included the addition of valves at certain locations in order to meet the current design requirements of the City of Ottawa. Additional fire hydrants were also installed at closer intervals in order to meet the requirements of the current fire protection standards. New magnesium anodes were also installed in all excavations to provide corrosion protection to the new valves and hydrants as well as external corrosion protection to the host pipe. 

The rehabilitation of the watermains in Lakeview has been estimated to have saved over $1,500,000 which represents an approximate 40% cost savings over traditional open cut excavation. In addition to both the capital and life cycle cost savings, the reduced disruption to the water customers and the community in general represents a significant benefit to the use of trenchless rehabilitation methods where circumstances allow. Other benefits of the structural lining program include reduced construction duration, reduced impact on adjacent pavement structure and other utilities, improved water flow by a reduction in the internal pipe friction and a fully structural and corrosion resistant watermain with an expected remaining life of over 40 years.