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Amberwood Village Dual Drainage – Model and Assessment
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Amberwood Village Dual Drainage – Model and Assessment

On July 24th, 2009 significant basement flooding was caused by a major storm event in areas of Kanata and Stittsville. The City of Ottawa retained Robinson Consultants to model the event in the area affected by this flooding called Amberwood Village and Granite Ridge. This area is generally bounded by Hazeldean Road to the north, Iber Road to the East, Abbott Street to the south and Stittsville Main Street to the west.

The primary design goal was to eliminate basement flooding during the 100 year event without increasing the risk of overland flow to private properties. This was done by ensuring that the HGL of the pipes remained below the basement in every possible instance and ensuring that the depth of flow and ponding throughout the area did not reach building elevations. The modeling programs that aided in the analysis were MapInfo, XPSWMM, Stream Builder and DDSWMM.

The major system model was created using the Mapinfo application; stream builder. The parameters supplied created basins no larger than 2 hectares. When stream builder runs it also creates flow paths for the basins. These paths were used to visualize the collective flow paths of water in the study area.

The minor system was created using table imports from GIS files into XPSWMM. This XPSWMM file allowed for a review of all inverts, diameters and flow directions to provide validation of the GIS data received from the City.
Robinson Consultants concluded that the best course of action was to control inlets in the storm sewer with the use of 3 different inlet control devices.