Project at a Glance

Robinson Consultants designed a 10 ha snow disposal facility.

Key features:

  • Snow Disposal Management Facility to treat melt water
  • Lighting to provide a safe work environment under low-light conditions
  • Design of left and right turning lanes on Strandherd Drive
  • Berms and sound attenuation barrier
  • Landscaping to ensure that the site blends in with surrounding development
  • Relocation of a portion of a Municipal Drain
Construction value:
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Strandherd Snow Disposal Facility

Robinson Consultants designed a new Snow Disposal Facility (SDF) along Strandherd Drive near the intersection of McKenna Casey Drive in the City of Ottawa. This design allowed the City to dispose of snow that must be removed from roadways in an environmentally responsible manner. As part of the design, modifications to Strandherd Drive were undertaken to ensure safe access and egress.

The design called for a 10 ha site, located in the most westerly portion of the 20 ha property that is owned by the City. A meltwater management facility was designed to control discharge to the O'Keefe Municipal Drain and ensure that City and provincial water quality objectives were met. The project included an Engineer's Report under the Municipal Drainage Act for the modifications to the O'Keefe Municipal Drain.

As part of the investigation and design, detailed background studies were undertaken to evaluate environmental and geotechnical conditions. Extensive consultation with City of Ottawa staff took place to avoid conflict with future
development plans and to ensure that the site will meet the City's expectations regarding capacity, on-site operations, and future maintenance.