Transportation Engineering Solutions

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Using an interdisciplinary approach, Robinson Consultants complements its team of transportation engineers and technicians with in-house expertise in municipal infrastructure, water resources, trenchless technology and asset management. In addition, Robinson Consultants will team with multi-disciplinary industry leaders on a project specific basis to provide integrated environmentally responsible solutions to ensure that the built transportation infrastructure continues to contribute to the community’s sustainability.

Transportation Infrastructure Services

Robinson Consultants has been in operation since 1977, and is a recognized leader in the transportation sector offering a suite of services, including:

  • Asset management
  • Environmental assessment
  • Conceptual, preliminary and detail design
  • Rehabilitation of existing infrastructure
  • Contract administration and construction inspection
  • Client representative for design build
  • Advisory services

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Robinson Consultants provides engineering services to assist clients in achieving their objectives in the following areas:

  • Transportation Planning/Traffic Engineering
    • Site impact studies
    • Roads needs assessments
    • Mobility studies
    • Parking facility planning
    • Roundabout analysis
    • Parking management studies
    • Traffic and Transportation Analysis
    • Pedestrian traffic management
    • Geometric design
    • Drainage and Culverts
    • Interchanges
    • Roundabout design
  • Urban and Rural Infrastructure
    • Roundabout design
    • Transit facilities
    • Roadway engineering
    • Widening and intersection modifications
    • Road rehabilitation
    • Bikeway and pedestrian facilities
    • Bridges and culverts
  • Marine Structures
    • Site assessment
    • Boat launch design
  • Contract Administration
    • Tender evaluation
    • Quantity measurements
    • Progress payments
    • Contract interpretation
    • As-built drawings
    • Inspection